Comparison MEC and MASTER

The table below gives you a clear summary of the information sections that are included in the program MEC and the MASTER

With the last one you get access to 11 additional information sections.


  Service and Maintenance Service and Maintenance +
Diagnostics and Repair
Technical data + diesel data V
Timing belts, chains and gears V V
Auxiliary belts V V
Service schedules V V
Service illustrations V V
Service interval indicator V V
Fuses en Relays V V
Trouble codes V V
Repair times V V
Key programming V V
Wheel alignment V V
Tyre sizes and pressure V V
Tyre pressure monitoring system V V
Replacement brakes V V
Electric parking brake V V
Battery disconnection and reconnection V V
Battery disconnection and reconection for hybrid cars V V
Jacking mode adaptive air suspension V V
Warning lamps and symbols V V
Known fixes and service bulletins   V
Location of components   V
Circuit diagrams   V
Additional wiring diagrams   V
Engine management system   V
Engine management Pin Data   V
Airbags   V
Air conditioning   V
Clutches and transmissions   V
Diesel exhaust gas after treatment   V