Comparison S&M with D&R

The table below gives you a clear summary of the information sections that are included in the program S&M and the D&R version.

With the last one you get access to 11 additional information sections.


  S&M D&R
  Service and Maintenance Service and Maintenance +
Diagnostics and Repair
Technical data + diesel data V
Timing belts, chains and gears V V
Auxiliary belts V V
Service schedules V V
Service illustrations V V
Service interval indicator V V
Fuses en Relays V V
Trouble codes V V
Repair times V V
Key programming V V
Wheel alignment V V
Tyre sizes and pressure V V
Tyre pressure monitoring system V V
Replacement brakes V V
Electric parking brake V V
Battery disconnection and reconnection V V
Battery disconnection and reconection for hybrid cars V V
Jacking mode V V
Warning lamps and symbols V V
Known fixes and service bulletins   V
Location of components   V
Circuit diagrams   V
Additional wiring diagrams   V
Engine management system   V
Engine management Pin Data   V
Airbags   V
Air conditioning   V
Clutches and transmissions   V
Diesel exhaust gas after treatment   V