< H2 > AUTODATA MEC < /H2 > < P > SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE < BR > Extended basic version with important and essential information for adjustments, emissions, service and maintenance of European and Asian cars and light commercial vehicles. < /P >
< h2 > AUTODATA D&R < /h2 > < p > SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE + DIAGNOSTICS AND REPAIRING < br > Flagship for technical information for European and Asian cars and light commercial vehicles. Additional to the content of the version S&M this version also contains an impressive upgrading with 10 important information sections such as wiring diagrams, engine management, diesel exhaust after treatment etc. < /p >
< h2 > AUTODATA MOTORCYCLES < /h2 > < p > TECHNICAL DATA + REPAIR TIMES < br > Very popular and detailed information system for service and adjustment of European, Japanese and American motorcycles from 1980 on. Contains also original repair times of the constructors. < /p >
< h2 > DIAGNOSTIC SCANNER ULTRA-MAX < /h2 > < p > Powerful, high quality and very modern diagnostic scanner operated by a computer. Very easy to use and learn, works very quickly and disposes of an SD memory card and a flight recorder function which enables the scanner to record selected data during a test drive. < /p >
< h2 > DIAGNOSTIC SCANNER SPC MAX < /h2 > < p > Reliable, versatile and very flexible scanner operated by a computer. The software gives access to around 100 vehicles brands of European, but also American and even Chinese origin. < /p >