< H2 > AUTODATA MEC < /H2 > < P > SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE < BR > Extended basic version with important and essential information for adjustments, emissions, service and maintenance of European and Asian cars and light commercial vehicles. < /P >
< h2 > AUTODATA D&R < /h2 > < p > SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE + DIAGNOSTICS AND REPAIRING < br > Flagship for technical information for European and Asian cars and light commercial vehicles. Additional to the content of the version S&M this version also contains an impressive upgrading with 10 important information sections such as wiring diagrams, engine management, diesel exhaust after treatment etc. < /p >
< h2 > AUTODATA MOTORCYCLES < /h2 > < p > TECHNICAL DATA + REPAIR TIMES < br > Very popular and detailed information system for service and adjustment of European, Japanese and American motorcycles from 1980 on. Contains also original repair times of the constructors. < /p >
< h2 > DIAGNOSTIC SCANNER ULTRA-MAX < /h2 > < p > Powerful, high quality and very modern diagnostic scanner operated by a computer. Very easy to use and learn, works very quickly and disposes of an SD memory card and a flight recorder function which enables the scanner to record selected data during a test drive. < /p >
< h2 > DIAGNOSTIC SCANNER SPC MAX < /h2 > < p > Reliable, versatile and very flexible scanner operated by a computer. The software gives access to around 100 vehicles brands of European, but also American and even Chinese origin. < /p >


The most sold and complete program for the professional car repair shop.



Autodata: 40 years experience with technical information for the automotive workshop

Autodata is the leading supplier for technical information for the automotive professional worldwide.

Initially this information was available in books, however now this has been evolved towards an all including online program in which all subjects are assembled.

The program can be consulted from each device with an internet connection and is updated monthly so that actual information is always available.

Our customers appreciate the professional content, the logical structure of the program and the high reliability of the available data.

This is also why  Autodata has cemented its number one spot as supplier for technical information.

In this context three software packages have been released:


SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

This intelligent basic version contains important and essential information of vehicles with thousands of images of settings, emission, service and maintenance.

Recently this version was upgraded with the following sections: location of components, fuses and relays, trouble codes, auxiliary belts, repair times, replacing brakes, tire pressure management systems, electric parking brakes, disconnection and connection of batteries, jacking mode.


SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE + DIAGNOSTICS AND REPAIRING of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

The flagship of technical information that can be considered as the most complete and intelligent database for the automotive after-market.
This “all-in-one system” contains apart from all the subjects of the basic version MEC but also an impressive upgrading with actual information sections such as interactive wirings diagrams, trouble shouting guide, engine management , diesel exhaust after treatment, clutches and transmissions etc.   



TECHNICAL DATA + REPAIR TIMES for motorcycles, scooters and quads.

 A very popular information system is the AUTODATA MOTOR CYCLES. This product was designed for service and adjustement of European, American and Japanese motor cycles and contains the vital information for adjustements and emissions, maintenance, lubricants and quantity, tires sizes and pressures and  tightening torques.

The database contains original repair times from manufacturers that can be easily selected from the menu. Every price offer can be stored and can be opened later on by means of the licence plate number.



Vehicles have evolved a lot during the last decades, especially when you consider the number of electronic devices in a moderne vehicle nowadays. This is also why, apart from technical information, diagnostic equipment has become an inevitable tool in the car workshop these days.

Reading out troubles codes, resetting the service interval indicator, reading in new components, … are all examples of operations that are performed on a daily basis, but that cannot be executed without specific diagnostic equipment.

We offer 2 powerful universal diagnostic scanners:


This scanner is a very powerful and modern tool for reading out electronical calculators of vehicles equipped with a EOBD / OBDII connector. The scanner is easy to work with and is equipped with a flight recorder function which enables you to record selected parameters during test drives on a SD card which is delivered with the scanner. The scanner has a high built quality resulting in fast and reliable readings.

Each year at least 2 updates are being released to increase the abilities of the scanner, both for new as well as for older vehicles.

For older vehicles without EOBD / OBD II connector original connectors are available which can be bought apiece or in a set.



This intelligent, flexible and versatile diagnostic scanner gives access to 100 car brands with also american cars and even some chinese brands as well. The scanner is delivered in a solid, luxury aluminium case and is equipped with a Bluetooth wireless connection. There are 2 versions of the scanner: the SPC MAX BASIC for diagnostics of vehicles equipped with an EOBD / OBD II connection and a SPC MAX that also has the ability to read out older vehicles without this connection. With the SPC MAX you also have access to a 2 channel oscilloscope and a voltmeter. For older vehicles a set with original connectors of 20 important constructors is available.

The software the scanner can be further extended every 6 months with affordable updates.




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