< H2 > AUTODATA MEC < /H2 > < P > SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE < BR > Extended basic version with important and essential information for adjustments, emissions, service and maintenance of European and Asian cars and light commercial vehicles. < /P >
< h2 > AUTODATA D&R < /h2 > < p > SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE + DIAGNOSTICS AND REPAIRING < br > Flagship for technical information for European and Asian cars and light commercial vehicles. Additional to the content of the version S&M this version also contains an impressive upgrading with 10 important information sections such as wiring diagrams, engine management, diesel exhaust after treatment etc. < /p >
< h2 > AUTODATA MOTORCYCLES < /h2 > < p > TECHNICAL DATA + REPAIR TIMES < br > Very popular and detailed information system for service and adjustment of European, Japanese and American motorcycles from 1980 on. Contains also original repair times of the constructors. < /p >
< h2 > DIAGNOSTIC SCANNER ULTRA-MAX < /h2 > < p > Powerful, high quality and very modern diagnostic scanner operated by a computer. Very easy to use and learn, works very quickly and disposes of an SD memory card and a flight recorder function which enables the scanner to record selected data during a test drive. < /p >
< h2 > DIAGNOSTIC SCANNER SPC MAX < /h2 > < p > Reliable, versatile and very flexible scanner operated by a computer. The software gives access to around 100 vehicles brands of European, but also American and even Chinese origin. < /p >


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There are two versions from the SPC scanner;

The SPC MAX BASIC can be used for cars which are equipped with an EOBD / OBDII connector. In America this connector is mandatory from 1996 and in Europe from 2000.

The SPC MAX can be used as well for older cars that do not have this connector yet. Apart from this difference, the SPC MAX is also equipped with a 2 channel scope and a voltmeter.

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