Strong points

Improve your workshop's performance with the autodata MEC

For Service and Maintenance of cars and vans


 1. The basic database version with important mechanical sections and essential information for the independant automotive workshops

Accurate data and helpful illustrations for adjustements, emissions and maintenance of European and Asian cars and light commercial vehicles.


2. Well-known topics

The Autodata MEC replaces the Autodata workshop bestsellers such as: Technical Data ( from 1960 onwards ), Diesel Data, Timing belts, Timing chains and Wheel alignment.


3. New actual information sections

Fuses and relays, Tyre pressure monitoring systems, Electric parking brake, Battery disconnection and reconnection, Battery disconnection and reconnection for hybrid cars, Auxiliary belts and manufacturer repair times.


4. Original service schedules with embedded technical data and illustrations

Standard service lists with manufacturer's recommended intervals, operations and service times.


5. Job estimates with accurate labour times

Easily select the procedures that are required for a customer's job and produce an accurate customised estimate, including time and parts needed.

Job estimates, schedules and labour times can be printed and taken to the vehicle or presented to your customer.


6. Fast access to information

Find a model quickly with Autodata's easy-to use model selection screen or search by engine code or select from the list of recent activity showing the last accessed models.


7. Time saving links between subjects

Use the hot links to flash between subjects, locating the information required without-re-selecting the model.


8. Recent activity panel

Easily swap between jobs, allowing you ti pick up from when you left off - even if other users have been using the system since.


9. High professional quality

After publishing and developping technical manuals and services for the Autodata workshops during 40 years, almost every mechanic or technician is familiar with Autodata's distinctive style and aware by experience of the intense concern for absolute accuracy and reliability of the supplied information.


10. Automatic monthly updates

Every month the database is electronically updated and actualized with new features.The operational access to the database works under licence and with a yearly subscription which will be automatically renewed each time for the same period with a notice of 3 months.