Strong points

  1. The high tech diagnostic scanner SPC MAX provides access to 29134 vehicles of 100 manufacturers for a very wide range of systems: Anti-theft, Comfort, Gasolines and diesel injection systems, ABS, airbas, air conditioning, service resetting, automatic transmission, immobilizer, CAN and VAN systems etc.

  2. The SPC MAX  is a very versatile scanner; you can perform readings of European cars, but also Americans as well as even some Chinese vehicles.

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  3. The SPC works with an automatic pin selection.

  4. Possibility of 64 parameters / live data rendering in common real time.

  5. At this moment around 7484 operational systems are present with where available an automatic system detection.

  6. The scanner is equipped with an ingenious self-constructing and self growing database, which makes it possible to add yourself not yet registered systems.

  7. The software comprehends almost 40.000 diagnostic messages and this unique level of coverage confirms the versatility and the power of the scanner.  

  8. Each SPC MAX scanner can be supplied with an optional Bluetooth kit for wireless connection between your PC and the scanner.  

  9. Permanent software development and extension of vehicles database. You can obtain the yearly software updates for the SPC ( two each year ) at a very beneficial price.

  10. The scanner will always keep working, also when you do not install any updates.

  11. A special connection cable and a unique pen set are delivered with the scanner. On the screen each time a specific connection diagram is shown.  ( SPC MAX )

  12. The scanner is equipped with a 2 channel oscilloscope and voltmeter. ( SPC MAX )

  13. For performing readings on older vehicles a kit with original connectors, a set of Mercedes connectors (3) and a connector for the Mercedes Vito and VW LT can be bought. ( option SPC MAX )

  14. Technical helpdesk via telephone, email or fax.

Supported protocols: CAN, Multiplexer, ISO 11898, J, L, ISO 9141-2, ISO 14230,
SAE J1850 PMW VPW, ISO 11519-2, SAE J 1708 EOBD: ISO 15031-5, ISO 15765-4 etc.